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Choosing the best fish tank or aquarium is a very important task. As an owner, you will want to choose the fish tank that will provide the most comfort to your pet fish whilst also looking aesthetically pleasing. In this article, we will review the best fish tanks and aquariums for your small pet.

What should you consider when purchasing a fish tank?

Fish Type 

Before even thinking about your pet’s aquarium, you should consider what type of fish tank will be best for the breed of fish that you plan to get. Some species of fish will have a higher maintenance cost and will require high-quality aquariums to live in. Your budget must be taken into consideration when choosing your future fish family’s species.


When choosing a fish tank, you should choose one that corresponds to the size of your fish family. Larger tanks will have higher upkeep demands and be harder to maintain, but they allow your fish to swim around and feel like he’s back in the ocean with Nemo and Dory. Aquariums that are too small can be harmful to your pet as they cannot get in the much needed daily exercise, plus none of us likes to be cooped up in a cramped space for long periods of time. Fish tanks can come in a variety of different sizes, we recommend that you crack out the old tape measure in the back of the cupboard and check to see if you have enough space to accommodate the dimensions of your prospective fish tank before buying. This will save you from buying one that will end up in the centre of your room (and will feel like your fish are taking over) instead of the side because you forgot to check the dimensions.

Tank Material and Construction

There are many options available when it comes to choosing a material for your fish tank. An acrylic tank is a good option if you would prefer a light aquarium that is more durable than glass; however, these benefits come at a higher cost. Aside from glass and acrylic tanks, other tanks made from other materials (like aluminium rim) can prevent corrosion, which is an advantage if you are housing saltwater fish. 

If you are not the biggest fan of DIY, you should choose an aquarium that will not be a hassle to put together, choosing one with simple construction will save you from hours of staring and confusion. 


If you are a new owner, it may be easier for you to get a cage that comes with the basic necessities that your pet fish will need. This will save you from having to buy and install them separately. These accessories should include a water filter, net, and conditioner. 

This aquarium is uniquely constructed with a classic housing unit placed discreetly at the back, allowing virtually unobstructed viewing from almost all angles. This housing unit which comes with a pump, filter and LED lighting can easily be removed from the tank for maintenance. Crafted to hold up to 10-litre capacity, this kit contains an integrated pump which draws water through the bottom of the unit and backs out the top for a constant 150 litres per hour turn over. The water is drawn through two flosses, carbon and zeolite filter cartridges resulting in crystal clear water.

Marina 360 Aquarium offers a fantastic, full optional package to your small aquatic friends to enjoy a life of optimum peace and comfort.  



Suitable for cold water and temperate fish

Non-clarity of some tanks can make crystal clear water look cloudy.

Remote control to change LED lighting between 4 colours


Efficient water circulation pump


Specially crafted with a high profile float guardian glass which has over time proven to stand the test of time.

Diversa aquarium is fully fortified with a system of side and lateral glass bearers which are adjusted to tank size, with safe edges. This kit comes with a lid affixed with LED lighting in addition to double silicone joints.

Looking for a well crafted Aquarium with classic features that guarantee both your pet fish and the owner exquisite joy and happiness? Then Diversa aquarium is simply the solution set.



Easy to assemble


Easy to clean


Great value for your money


If you are in search of an aquarium for your pet fish that can do it all, the Hagen Fluval Flex Aquarium Kit may be the best fish tank and aquarium for you. It boasts a distinctive curved design making it the perfect place to house your fish in all of their colourful glory. This tank comes equipped with a robust three-stage filtration system to keep your pet’s home as clean as possible. This tank comes with 6 red, green and blue and 48 white LED lights to keep your fish’s tank illuminated in a variety of colours. 



Has a remote control that can control lighting and special effects.

Does not include a heater

Customisable with special effects

May require a filter screen

Easy to clean


Unique design 



Brilliantly designed to put smiles on the faces of a range of fish keepers; ‘newbies’ to the hobby and those with several years of experience. 

This Aquarium is designed with an internal power filter and innovative LED lighting unit. The 19 Litre Marina LUX is suitable for all fish types and has been configured from premium grade materials for a superb and sophisticated finish. Complete with an integrated, economical LED lighting system for displaying the vibrant colours of your fish and plants, the Marina LUX LED Aquarium is also equipped with ‘’I’’ power filter for clean, healthy water.

This unit also features a simple feeding access design which enables the user to be able to feed the fish without lifting the entire lid. The professional LED lighting unit is suitably equipped with a specialized daylight effect incorporated into the aquarium canopy for a breathtaking display of colours and angles.



Convenient Easy Feeding Access

Some Come With Weak LED Light

Comes in a variety of Kit Sizes


Easy To Set Up


The Fluval Spec V Aquarium 5 Gallon Kit is a great fish aquarium for budding fish owners. This etched-glass tank boasts a 37 LED Lightening system and is styled with an aluminium trim to enhance its aesthetic charm. It also includes a foam block and activated carbon and Biomax bio rings to assist in catching debris and maintaining the balance of good bacteria in your pet’s home. The quiet filter and other cords are seamlessly hidden in a built-in area to stop any cords and machines from interfering with the unique and modern design of this tank. The filter levels can also be controlled which is useful for those with betta fish since they prefer to swim in low current level waters.



Powerful lightening system 

Does not include a heater

Includes a three-stage filtration system

Lights can get in the way when accessing the tank

The filter is easy to maintain and clean


Will look good in your home


In conclusion, finding the best fish tanks for your fish family can be difficult. Thankfully, you have this article to refer to when picking between our recommendations. At Small Pets Guru, we value the welfare of our small pets, by releasing these informational articles, we strive to work alongside you to improve your pet’s quality of life.


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