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Guinea pigs are amazing animals who need a large home to remain comfortable. In this article, we will discuss the important features to consider when choosing the best guinea pig cage and our recommendations, reviews and top picks of the best guinea pig cages. 

What are the important features to consider when getting a guinea pig cage? 


Guinea pigs need a lot of room in order to meet their daily exercise needs. They generally require larger cages than hamsters and gerbils but smaller than rabbits; even so, a cage that is meant for a rabbit will be fine for a guinea pig. You need to ensure that there will be enough space for your guinea pig’s toys and accessories: you must also factor in whether the area in your home will be able to accommodate the size of your prospective cage. 

Indoor or Outdoors?

Guinea pigs need a large area to live in and an exercise area.  You need to consider whether your guinea pig is going to live indoors or outdoors; if kept outdoors, you will need to ensure that your guinea pig’s cage/hutch is weatherproof. Your pet will need to be brought indoors during the winter months to keep them warm: you will need to plan for the cage that they will be kept in during the winter months.

Ease of Accessibility and Cleaning

A great guinea pig cage will have multiple entry/access points so that you can spend that quality snuggling time with your piggy. Those doors will either have latches or locks, so you need to consider which you prefer. When you get a guinea pig, you may wonder how can someone so cute and adorable make such a mess? To make your life easier, you should choose a cage that is easy to clean, so the regular task won’t become your worst nightmare. Some owners prefer cages with plastic bottoms due to their ability to be detached from the main cage and washed out. 


Piggies should not be kept in cages with wire bottoms, because they can get their tiny feet stuck between the wires, or terrariums due to their low ventilation levels. Your piggy’s cage should be well – ventilated, placed in a quiet place due to their sensitive hearing, secure, drought-free, away from radiators and other pets (if kept indoors) and in a well-lit place. You should ensure that your cage is secure to prevent your guinea pig from succeeding at an epic game of prison/cage break. 

How many guinea pigs will live there? 

You should consider the fact that guinea pigs are social animals and are more content when they live with another guinea pig. If you plan to get two guinea pigs, you must have a large enough cage and a way to separate them in case they do not get along straight away. 

For the ultimate comfort and convenience of your Guinea Pigs, this cage is a GREAT choice to settle for. Designed in white adhesive coated wire, this habitat will offer your pets ample room to play around, as well as giving you a clear view of their activities. 

The base is made from leak-proof canvas which is held in place by straps, making it easy to remove and clean. The roof section is fully removable and has a hinged panel for ease of access. The entire habitat can be assembled without the need for tools and can be folded flat when required for storage or travel.

Structured with a care area compartment that is partitioned off with a divider and can be accessed by your pet by a double ramp which can be locked in place to act as a door if a need to separate your small animals arises.



Removable Wire Mesh Top

Top of Cage is Sometimes Difficult to Remove and Put Back

Safe and Expandable


Ability to Fold Flat For Storage or Travel


This sturdy metal wire playpen provides your small furry friends with an amazing multi-purpose home to play, explore, run about and have fun. It’s solidly built with a tough Oxford fabric mat at the bottom in addition to a water-resistant liner which is easy to clean with a simple wipe. 

Constructed with a spacious pen, enough to be a run, it also has a roof and 2 doors to work as a small animal cage freeing you of worries that guinea pigs get through.

Fantastic Product!





Dual Purpose-Run and Cage


Non-Slip Mat


This ideal home for your small pets is equipped with a fully liftable front net, suitable for easy access for daily maintenance and cleaning. 

Krolik is the range of cages for Guinea Pigs specified by a complete knock down system of both net and bottom. Configured in space-saving packaging, this cage minimizes transport volumes while ensuring maximum living area as a result of the unique design of the base.

This habitat has a sturdy wire net structure with a useful extension complete with a cosy wooden house, perfect to ensure maximum peace and privacy. The wooden house is adorned with stunning decorations and is complete with an opening roof for easy maintenance; for great safety, the roof can be closed with a metal hook.There’s a  massive room inside the cage to accommodate accessories like a drinking bottle, feeder for hay, plastic house, bowl and much more.

This easy-to-assemble cage guarantees an optimum comfort for your Small Pets.



Easy to Assemble and Maintain

Thermoplastic Resin Bottom Somewhat Flimsy

Massive Accommodation for Accessories: Feeder for Hay, Bowl, Drinking Bottle


Wide Front Door For Easy Maintenance


The Living World Deluxe Habitat Small Pet Cage boasts a hideout complete with a balcony and a ramp so your guinea pig can get as much exercise in as possible. This cage comes with the basic necessities such as a food bowl and a water bottle, which will save you from having to buy these items separately.  It offers a deep base to give your guinea pig room to play and hide. 



High Durability

May take longer to assemble

Comes with the necessities

Water Bottle is not of the best quality

Easy to Clean


Very Spacious 


Deep Bottom Tray and Great Ventilation


The Midwest Critter Animal Habitat gives your guinea pigs the space he needs to run and have as much guinea pig fun as possible. It features two wide doors to provide maximum accessibility and allow for the easy removal of the leak-proof bottom pan, making it very easy to clean which is always a bonus. It has a generous play area for your small pet and the wheels at the bottom make transporting your hamster from room to room much easier. 



Excellent Accessibility and Easy To Clean

Bottom Tray Do Not Have Ridges To Prevent Overspill

Wide Expansive Shelf and Full-Width Plastic Pan Floor Provides A Generous Play Area For Your Pets


Designed With Critter-Proof Dual Locking Door Latches That Provides Secure, Easy One-Handed Operation


Eco-Friendly and Durable


Can Accommodate Multiple Pets 


Guinea pigs are sweet bundles of joy who love to run around and play as much as possible. This article will have helped you find the best guinea pig cages on the market. At Small Pets Guru, we are proud to deliver the best guinea pig cages and other products to help you in your goal of looking after a healthy and happy small pet.


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