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Prevue Pet Products Hamster Cage

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Living World Deluxe Habitat

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MidWest Critter Nation Animal Habitat

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Finding the best hamster cage is one of the most important tasks to ensure that your hamster lives a happy and comfortable life. You should take the time to read through our recommendations to find the perfect home for your furry friend; I always say that you wouldn’t buy the first house/flat you see, so take some time to think about your hamster’s needs and carry on reading to discover the best hamster cages. 

What should you look for in a hamster cage? 


Your first question might be how am I meant to choose a hamster cage? What am I supposed to be looking out for? The first thing to check is the size of the cage. Hamsters love to run around, so you should ensure that your cage will be big enough for the type of hamster you plan to get. The bigger the cage, the better as this will be your hamster’s home and where he will spend most of his time. You must make sure that there will be space for your pet’s accessories, as hamsters need stimulation to remain healthy.


The next thing to think about is whether you would like a wire or plastic cage for your hamster. Wires tend to allow more ventilation for your pet and they are the easiest to clean because of the multiple entry points. There are things you must watch out for, such as:

  • Checking whether you may need to add some mesh to the exterior to stop your hamster escaping by fitting through the spaces between the wires (if they are large enough). 
  • Making sure the wires are not coated with anything that can be potentially harmful to your hamster. 
  • They must have a plastic bottom as wire bottoms are not safe for your pet. 

Plastic cages allow you to clean your hamster cage and cast away the worry that using too much water will cause it to rust. You also get a direct view of your tiny friend without a bunch of wires in the way. There are things to consider, such as:

  • Plastic cages have less ventilation than the wire alternatives, so you must make sure that there are many holes to allow your hamster to breathe.
  • You need to come up with a good cage cleaning system – they are not as easy to clean as wire cages.
  • You may need to add accessories as the surface walls cannot be climbed on. 


Another thing to consider is whether your hamster will be able to escape. Upon reflecting on past experiences, I urge you to not underestimate the intelligence of your hamster – I have many past hamster great escapes to refer to. Make sure that your hamster won’t be able to unlock the latch and begin the infamous game of hide and seek – hamster edition. Hamsters can get their body parts stuck between wires, so I recommend avoiding cages with gaps bigger than 12.5mm. 

Bedding and Hamster Wheels 

When picking a cage, you must make sure that the lower section of the cage can be filled with a minimum of 2 inches of hamster bedding. Hamsters love to burrow and dig, so the deeper the better. 

Hamsters need to exercise and a great way for them to do that within their cage is by using an exercise wheel. These wheels should not have any crossbars to avoid the risk of your hamster getting stuck in them; I recommend getting one with a solid surface instead. Remember to get a wheel that is bigger than your hamster, so that they don’t have to bend their backs to use it. 

Amazon Rating: 4.8 Stars


The Prevue Pets Products 528 Universal Small Animal Cage is a great pick for Syrian Hamsters. The cage offers a large base with room for lots of movement and accessories for your small pet. This cage is easy to assemble (no tools necessary) and take apart in order to clean your hamster’s cage. 



Universal – can be used by many small pets

Not suitable for dwarf hamsters due to the large gaps between bars

Spacious – gives your hamster a lot of room to play and explore

Not the strongest cage

Simple to put together


Amazon Rating: 4.6 Stars


The Living World Deluxe Habitat hamster cage boasts a hideout complete with a balcony and a ramp so your hamster can get as much exercise in as possible. This cage comes with the basic necessities such as a food bowl and a water bottle, which will save you from having to buy and install them separately.  It offers a deep base to house all of your hamster’s bedding without the risk of it falling out through the bars. 




High Durability

Doesn’t include an exercise wheel

Comes with the necessities

May take longer to assemble

Easy to Clean

Water Bottle is not of the best quality

Very Spacious 


Deep Bottom Tray and Great Ventilation


Amazon Rating: 4.4 Stars


The Midwest Critter Animal Habitat has won the title for ‘Easiest to Clean’ in my opinion. It features two wide doors to provide maximum accessibility and allow for the easy removal of the leak-proof bottom pan, making it very easy to clean which is always a bonus. It has a generous play area for your small pet and the wheels at the bottom make transporting your hamster from room to room much easier. 



Excellent Accessibility and Easy To Clean

Bottom Tray Do Not Have Ridges To Prevent Overspill

Wide Expansive Shelf and Full-Width Plastic Pan Floor Provides A Generous Play Area For Your Pets


Designed With Critter-Proof Dual Locking Door Latches That Provides Secure, Easy One-Handed Operation


Eco-Friendly and Durable


Amazon Rating: 4.2 Stars


If you prefer to order a cage complete with most of the things you need instead of buying all the accessories individually then this is the cage for you. The Savic Hamster Heaven Cage includes an exercise wheel, two houses, a penthouse, a water bottle and many more accessories. This cage is also very spacious to allow your hamster to roam around and to give you the freedom to switch the position of the accessories to keep your pet entertained.



Designed With Carrying Handles For Easy Portability

Some Come With Small-sized Wheels Which Can be Discomforting To Your Pets 

Fun and Colourful Design

Not Suitable for Dwarf Hamsters due to the Large Spaces Between the Wires

Cage Comes Complete With Tunnels, Platforms, Slides, Houses, Exercise Wheels, Toilet, Food Bowls, and Drinking Bottle


Easy To Clean and Durable


Amazon Rating: 4.3 Stars


I know from experience that it can be very annoying when your adorable chubby friend chews right through the bars of that cage you got at the pet store; this problem could be avoided by getting an aquarium style of cage, but that means less ventilation and a more prominent smell. I present to you the Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Small Animal Cage. This all-metal wire cage discourages chewing and is essentially chew-proof.



High Measure of Ventilation and Phenomenal Comfort For Your Pets

Does Not Have Suitable Standardized Universal Sizes for Some Small Animals 

Large Front Opening Doorway Allows Easy Access for Your Pets

Accessories Not Included

Made of Odour Resistant Materials Which Facilitates Cleaning


Heavy Duty Plastic and Chew Proof Powder- Coated Wire


Hamsters make fantastic small pets; at Small Pets Guru, we strive to put the welfare of our small pets first by recommending the best hamster cages and other products to suit their needs. With these recommendations in mind, we hope that you find the best hamster cage for your hamster to help them remain the happy and adorable animals that they are.

Small Pets Guru

Best Hamster Cages

Finding the best hamster cage is one of the most important tasks to ensure that your hamster lives a happy and comfortable life. You should take the time to read through our recommendations to find the perfect home for your furry friend; I always say that you wouldn’t buy the first house/flat you see, so take some time to think about your hamster’s needs and carry on reading to discover the best hamster cages.

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