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Hamsters are so cute! you have probably reached the pet owner stage where you find it difficult to suppress the urge to buy every single adorable hamster toy in the pet store when you were only meant to be there to get some emergency food. In this article, we will review the best hamster toys, tell you what to look out for when picking and ensure that you will not choose a bad-quality toy that your pet will rip into shreds within minutes. 

What should you consider when purchasing hamster toys?

Easy to Chew

Hamsters have two sets of long and sharp teeth that unfortunately never stop growing. Hamsters are quite a unique type of animal as they need to be able to chew their chew toys in order to maintain a healthy tooth length. You should ensure that your pet always has something to chew to avoid them chewing on everything else. We also recommend looking at purchasing the best hamster cages that are also chew-proof to avoid your hamster from chewing his way out. 

Safety of Material

Hamsters love to play, so the toys that they play with should not have a harmful effect on their health. This means that you should check that any toys bought for your hammies are not made from toxic materials and if they have a coating, it should be a non-toxic one. Hamsters need to be able to chew on their toys to grind down their ever-growing teeth. You should make sure that your hamster’s toy is not too hard for them to chew; this may cause teeth damage and I’m assuming that hamster’s dislike going to the dentist as much as humans do – so try and keep them safe. 

Any toys that are put inside of your pet’s cage should not have any dangerously sharp corners that could potentially hurt your hamster in the future. They love to run around and are prone to injuries just like we are prone to stubbing our toes and falling over. 


The final thing to consider is whether the toy is suitable for your pet. For example, there are toys that are specifically designed for Syrian hamsters and may not be enjoyed or safe for dwarf hamsters. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid any future mistakes. You should ensure that the toy you plan to get will actually fit inside your hamster’s cage; it may be quite irritating if you buy a deluxe-sized hamster roller coaster rocket ship that won’t fit into your small pet’s cage; we recommend to check the measurements before purchasing a hamster toy. 

The Niteangela Hamster Wood Tunnel is made from soft natural wood which is safe for your pet to chew. It features nine entrances/exits to keep your hamster entertained and constantly on their toes with excitement. This toy can easily fit into cages, it makes a great hiding spot and is comfortable enough for your hamster to fall asleep in it too. The wooden tunnel can function as a chewing toy for your pet. The toys to mimic the wild where your hamster would be burrowing as a natural instinct.



Has 9 holes/entrances to keep your pet entertained

May not be suitable for larger hamsters/other larger small pets

Made from pet-safe materials


Can be used as a chew toy




The Kaytee Comfort Wheel will allow your hamster to run to mars and back whilst remaining comfortable. The quiet operation prevents most of the squeaking noises from driving you mad when it’s 2 AM and your hamster has decided that it’s absolutely necessary to go for a jog. This 12-inch wheel gives your pet the space needed to exercise without injuring their legs or their back. It can be used as a free-standing wheel or it can be attached to a wire cage easily. The wheel is wire-free which is great for your hamster’s feet as solid surfaces are easier to run on: this also prevents any of your pet’s body parts from getting stuck within the cage. The plastic and traditional design allow for easy entrances and exits as well as easy clean-up. 



Freestanding and attachment options available

Cannot choose the colour of your wheel

Made with a solid surface

It isn’t completely silent

Large space – prevents injuries

Fixtures are not very strong

Easy to clean


Made with eco-friendly material, this chew toy adds a natural fun spice to your small pets playtime. This Willow branch chew toy is most suited for your pet’s teeth trimming, encourages their healthy playful activity and serves to mitigate or lessen their boredom.

This attractive piece of toy is perfectly crafted with materials safe for your small animals and equally promotes their clean and healthy set of teeth.



Environmentally friendly

Some get chewed up in no time

Perfect for tooth trimming


Mitigates cage boredom 


The Prevue Hendryx Hideaway Nature Grass Ball is a great pick if you are looking for a place for your small pet to hide within their cage. This 9-inch toy is made with hand-woven black grass and is free from any glue, plastic or metal; ensuring that your pet will remain safe whilst playing with this toy. This toy acts as an activity centre for your hamster, it is a place where they can embrace their instinctive nature to burrow, nest and explore. The main function of this toy is to provide your pet with a place to burrow; however, it can also be a climbing structure or be chewed on by your pet. 



Made of organic, hamster-safe materials

May not fit in all cages and habitats

Has multiple functions

Cannot be replaced

Small pets enjoy playing with this toy


This fantastic piece of component serves a dual purpose for your little friends…. both as a Hammock bed and toy. The texture of the material is specially designed to provide a high measure of flexibility and utmost warmth and comfort for your small pets.

It’s crafted with a high guarantee of durability in addition to a fully equipped anti-rust and corrosion resistant 4 clip chains for convenient and portable hanging.

Great choice of Hamster toy any day!



Built with anti-rust and corrosion resistant 4 clip chains to facilitate hanging


Firm structure with refine stitching for guaranteed durability


Serves as both toy and bed


Hamsters are intelligent small pets; they need to be properly entertained to avoid them becoming unhappy. Having the best hamster toys can help to maintain your hamster’s happiness and therefore overall health.  If you would like to read similar articles about cats, visit My Purry Cat. At Small Pets Guru, we believe that our small pets should come first and by reviewing the best hamster toys, we aim to help in maintenance of a happy and healthy hamster. 


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