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Parrots are unique small pets.  They are extremely intelligent; however, with that intelligence comes the ability to be incredibly mischievous. Your parrot will need a home and a place for you to put them if you cannot watch over them – this will prevent your pet from discovering your closet and making a royal mess. In this article, we have reviewed the best parrot cages for your pet and given you our top tips on what to look for and consider when choosing a parrot cage. 


What should you consider when purchasing a parrot cage? 


When it comes to parrot cages, cages that are too big do not exist. Parrots love having the space to fly around and play. This place is where your pet will spend most of his time, so you should keep that in mind and buy the biggest cage that is within your available budget. Your pet deserves the space to ‘spread those wings and fly’ and that is why some owners opt for an aviary cage. These are extra-large bird cages that give your parrot room to fly within this cage; there are indoor and outdoor aviaries, the indoor ones extend from the floor all the way to the ceiling. 


Parrot cages come in many different shapes and sizes; we do not recommend the circle-shaped ones because they may make your parrot feel as if he is trapped. It seems as if everybody pictures Tweety’s cage from the looney tunes show as the perfect cage, in fact, parrots prefer to have longer cages over taller cages as it allows them to fly across their cage and back. Due to this fact, rectangular cages are quite popular and come recommended by other parrot parents. If you can have a good balance of both, then you will have an extremely happy parrot. 

Bar Spacing

When choosing a cage, you should ensure that the spacing between the bars will not injure your pet. The bars should not be big enough for your poor parrot to get their body parts stuck between them. The cage that you choose must be suitable for the breed and size of your pet parrot. For example, if you have a smaller bird you should avoid cages with large spaces between the bars; otherwise, you may return home one day to a bird on the run or the fly away from his cage. Parrots also like to climb up things; so having a cage with horizontal bars can make your parrot believe he is climbing up Mount Everest with a ladder and provide some entertainment and fun for your pet. 


Food Utensils

Some cages come with some accessories included with them. For example, most parrot cages come with food and water bowls included in the purchase; if yours does not, you should ensure that the one that you purchase will fit into your pet’s cage. 


Perches are a necessity in your bird’s cage; if the one you plan to buy or have bought doesn’t include any, you must add some. Wooden perches are recommended to build up the strength of your parrot’s feet. They also are more durable (hardwood especially) and make it harder for your parrot to chew through them. We recommend providing perches of different diameters for your pet to improve foot health and build up his foot muscles and bones. 


We recommend parrot cages that come with wheels or stands with casters to make moving your parrot between rooms or maybe even outside a lot easier. So, when you eventually want to give your parrot a house tour, it shouldn’t be that difficult. 

Easy to Clean and Construct

Parrots are capable of creating a lot of mess, so it is wise to choose a cage that has the facilities to make clean up time easier for you. Some cages come with pull-out sections that make cleaning a breeze and many have seed catchers to prevent an annoying mess. 


You should also choose a durable cage that won’t be a hassle to construct. Cages made out of thin wires should be avoided as they will not last long; your parrot could break through a cage made with flimsy wires/bars, which could cause them harm. You should also avoid any cages that are coated with a toxic material that could potentially make your pet very ill. 

Your parrot deserves to live in one of the best parrot cages possible, as their owner you will always want the best for them. At Small Pets Guru, we feel the same and are committed to small pets; by selecting the best parrot cages, we ensure that our small pets are well looked after.

The Prevue Pet Product Wrought Iron Cage is our best choice. This cage is a great pick for owners looking for a lot of space; it comes in a variety of sizes, the biggest measuring 36 x 24 x 66 inches. The bars are made from strong, durable wrought iron; this will prevent even the most determined birds from chewing their way out. The Prevue Pet Product Cage comes with a stand, where your parrot can hang out when let out of his cage. This cage includes two food and water bowls on the inside and an additional two on the top of the cage to ensure that your parrot will never be deprived of anything, it also comes with a perch for your bird to sit on. 



Durable door lock for added security

Screws may have alignment problems

Easy Mobility


Strong iron bars with a safe powder coating


Large sizes available


Simple cleaning methods


Comes with multiple accessories


The Yaheetech Mobile Large Parrot Cage is quite versatile; it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This cage comes with an additional storage space to store all of your parrot’s accessories, food and toys.  The Yaheetech cage comes with thoughtfully 1cm bar spacings to prevent your parrot from getting any ideas about escaping or getting any body parts trapped between bars. It also includes a stand that is equipped with four 360 degrees wheels to make moving your parrot’s cage around even easier. This stand can also be detached with minimal effort if you prefer. Feeding your parrot is simple with this cage as it comes with four small feeder doors to ensure that dinner time is never a hassle: it also prevents your bird from fleeing each time you open the cage. 




Easy Accessibility

Not as easy to clean

Versatile Cage

Not very sturdy 

Simple Construction




For the cage that will guarantee ultimate comfort for your birds and in addition leave you with some precious time to enjoy your pet, you may want to settle for the uniquely designed Vision Parrot Cage. This amazing unit simplifies cage cleaning- simply detach the cage compartment and empty the contents of the base into the waste bin.

Vision’s deep base can handle multiple types of litter, while raised ridges inside the base provide air circulation and help prevent mildew. The bird homes also allow non-invasive, exterior access to seed/water cups, reducing stress to your pets during maintenance.

This cage also features  double pivoting front doors that move in at 90 degrees angle which allows versatile positioning.



Simply easy snap fit assembly


Unique base equals less mess


Cleaning convenience


Your parrot deserves to pick from the best parrot cages available; the products above have been carefully selected and researched to ensure that your pet lives in the best parrot cage possible because at Small Pets Guru, we put our small pets first.


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