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Did you know that there are over 350 different species of parrots? Parrots come in many different shapes, sizes and colours; no two parrots are exactly the same. Bearing that in mind, that also means that not all parrots will share the same diet. In this article, we review the best parrot foods and explore and guide you through the different factors to consider when choosing the best parrot food. 

What should you consider when choosing the best parrot food?

What your pet will eat varies and their species might have an important factor in that decision. Most parrots would usually eat a mixture of seeds, grits and vegetables along with other foods if they were living in the wild: the best parrot foods take that into consideration and will offer a mix of these ingredients.

Size and characteristics

The first thing you should consider when choosing the best parrot foods is the size of your pet, their species, age and the average amount of physical activity they complete in a day. Some food is packaged for smaller birds and some are meant specifically for younger birds to help them grow properly. Also, you wouldn’t want to overfeed a parrot who may not undertake much physical activity or you may be looking for the best parrot foods containing healthy weight gain formulas because your parrot could be underweight. All in all, there are many different types of parrot food to satisfy the needs of your pet and you.


It is essential that you check what your pet’s food contains; having the knowledge of the formulation of your parrot’s food can help you choose a brand/food product that will suit their needs the most. We recommend that you steer clear of products containing too many artificial additives but instead it should contain more healthy ingredients.

When making your decision, you should also check for a variety of ingredients as your parrot would eat a variety of different foods in the wild. 


Some owners find that their small pet would sometimes pick and choose what they love to eat from loose food and leave their least favourite things (even parrots have their least favourite vegetables). To avoid this problem, you can purchase pelleted food instead of blends and loose food for your parrot to ensure that they always have a balanced diet.

What shouldn’t parrots eat?

You should always do your research when it comes to your pet parrot’s diet. Here’s a list of a few of the things your parrot should never eat:

  • Chocolate – can cause digestive issues
  • Caffeine- contains toxic chemicals
  • Avocados- can cause cardiac issues in parrots
  • Apple seeds- contain cyanide which can potentially be poisonous to parrots
  • Peanuts
  • Alcohol- can be deadly to parrots 

This is beautifully adorned with fruit colours, shapes and flavours with the essential nutrients your bird needs every day for good health. The Zupreem Fruitblend Natural Flavour Parrot and Conures Food comes with many recommendations from veterinarians and parrot breeders. This pelleted diet is colourful, comes in fun shapes and tasty; colourful food makes eating more enjoyable for your pet and it will be more appealing to your pet. The Zupreem Parrot Food contains at least 21 vitamins and minerals in every mouthful, this is beneficial to your pet as you will reduce their reliance on supplements to get the most out of their meals. 



Each bite contains 21 vitamins and minerals 

May not always be of the highest quality

Colourful and appealing to parrots


Pellets ensure your pet eats everything


The Kaytee Fiesta Bird Food for Parrots contains a variety of different ingredients like nuts, fruits, vegetables and more to keep your parrot entertained and help them to enjoy eating time. It consists of probiotics, prebiotics (to help avoid digestive problems) and Omega 3’S (to help maintain a healthy parrot heart, vision and brain).This feed mix enhances your parrot’s skin and feathers to intensify their natural beauty. This product allows your parrot to be entertained whilst pecking on their healthy snack, the mixture also ensures that your pet’s meals will vary and it will prevent them from getting bored of eating the exact same thing every day for weeks or months. 



Contains Prebiotics and Probiotics

Contains artificial colouring

Contains Omega 3’S

Reports of some bug infestations

Consists of a variety of ingredients


Natural Preservatives


This amazing product is a SYMBOL of nutritional perfection for your bird. A nutritionally balanced blend, reasonably low in fat content and hence contains no sunflower or nuts. It comprises 24 ingredients that offer a broad spectrum of colours, sizes, shapes, textures and tastes to keep your parrot both mentally and physically stimulated for much longer.

Johnston and Jeff lean and fit parrot food is uniquely designed to offer a dual purpose dietary need for your parrot which includes both maintenance and for those birds that have low energy.

A more fascinating aspect of this food for your bird is the fact that part or all of each portion of the meal is specially packaged inside foraging devices to encourage movement and exercise, as well as the provision of the all important mental stimulation.



Perfect for feeding different parrot species

Somewhat too many ingredients for some birds

Made without nuts or sunflower hence a healthy choice


Low in fat content


The Hari Tropimix Parrot Mix is a great choice for Lovebirds, Cockatiels and Small Parrots. This 100% edible choice is free from artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives. It is popular since it doesn’t contain any messy shells, this reduces the amount of waste produced by your parrot and means that you will have less to clean up as well as significantly reducing the risk of bacteria and pathogens harming your pet.

 This food mix consists of the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids required to keep your parrot healthy. It also allows your parrot to revert back to their natural instincts by providing foraging opportunities to them; it tends to make the food more appealing to your parrot which in the long run reduces the amount of food that goes to waste. 



Reduced waste

May take some time to adjust to the food

100% edible


Free from artificial additives


Contains essential chemicals


The Labefer’s Gourmet Nutri-Berries Parrot Food Bundle is a great pick for owners who want to try some of the high-quality Lafeber’s products. This is an excellent choice if you want to avoid feeding your parrot the same old vegetables as food for weeks on end – all the packs are free from any artificial colours and only contain natural preservatives. They offer your pet the taste of delicious fruits and other familiar foods presented in the pelleted style to avoid any potential deficiencies caused by picky eaters. Labefer offers hulled seeds/pellets that are packed with vitamins, minerals and balanced Omega 3&6 which helps to improve your small pets’ immune system and the quality of their skin and feathers. 



Variety of different flavours

Can get squashed sometimes

No artificial colours or preservatives


Good snack as they stimulate the brain and mouth


Parrots love to eat delicious food; by reading this article, you are now fully equipped with the information required to choose between the best parrot foods for your pet. At Small Pets Guru, we are committed to small pets and by sharing our knowledge, we aim to improve the quality of life of your small pet.


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