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Rabbits are one of a kind small pets. As an owner, you will do almost anything to care for your loveable furry friend; you and I share the same goal of maintaining a happy and healthy bunny. This article will show you what to look out for when looking for the best rabbit water bottles and will include our top picks and thoughts on the best rabbit water bottle for your pet. 

What should you look out for when buying your rabbit’s water bottle? 


The first thing to consider is how much water your water bottle can hold. You don’t want to buy a tiny water bottle and have your rabbit gulp it all down in two seconds. I recommend a water bottle that can hold 12 ounces of water, you shouldn’t go for one with a capacity larger than 32 ounces unless you have more than one rabbit. The reason is that the water will stay too long inside the bottom and increase the risk of bacteria growing. To be cautious, you should clean your pet’s water bottle every time you refill it. In order to choose the correct size, you need to factor in the weight of your rabbit, the water bottle should at least have a one-cup capacity to fill your rabbit’s daily requirements. 

Ease of Assembly

Most of us like a simple fix, if you are anything like me you may be more inclined to buy a product that isn’t difficult to install. When choosing your bunny’s bottle, you should check that it comes with the ability and the accessories needed to mount onto your rabbit’s cage, this will make the installation a lot easier and avoid future head-scratching and confusion for those of us who don’t share the skills of Bob the Builder.


When it comes to your rabbit’s safety, we do not play around; to avoid any future accidents, we recommend that you stay away from the cheap water bottles made out of toxic substances. Most water bottles are made out of plastic, which is effective and affordable; the plastic should be BPA-free to protect your furry friend from ingesting any toxic chemicals and becoming ill.

We recommend that you get a clear water bottle, this will allow you to check the amount of water remaining at a glance, which will keep your rabbit far from dehydration.  The drinking straw should not be plastic as it would be completely pointless because your rabbit will chew it faster than you can blink. The best option for that particular part is stainless steel because of its durability. 

Drinking Straw Design 

When things leak it can be very frustrating, so keep that in mind before you buy the 50p water bottle on eBay. Your water bottle should have an in-built mechanism to stop leakage when your rabbit isn’t using the water bottle and therefore reducing the amount of wasted water. An effective water bottle should also be compact enough to fit into the tiny mouth of your pet. 

Living World Eco+  water bottle with double ball bearing drip-resistant tube with water level indicator is suitably designed for your small animals- Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets and much more. Stands the test of time, made of safe and secure spring attachment and hanger.



Environmentally Friendly

Sometimes has leakage problems

Durable and Easy To Use


100% Chew Proof


Designed to give optimum convenience to both small pets and the owner. The built-in leak-proof nozzle serves to effectively prevent water leakage. The water nozzle is an Eco-friendly concept to reuse the regular pet bottles. This unique design allows your pets to enjoy clean and fresh water while keeping your home clean and dry.




Designed With Leak-Proof Nozzle

Leakage May Occur but Seldomly

Eco-Friendly and Easy to Install


User Friendly Screw-on Bracket



Made of Solid plastic with stainless steel non-drip nozzle, Ferplast Sippy Water Bottle is ideal for your Small Animals.

Designed to be fixed to glass or plastic, thanks to the suction cups supplied or to the wire mesh of rodent cages. Convenient opening lid for water supply and it releases clean water ensuring your animal optimal hydration even when you’re not there.



Easy To  Install

Sometimes has leakage issues

Double Fixing System- Applicable on Wire Cages And on Plastic or Glass


Non-Drip Stainless Steel Nozzle


The Cocopet Dripless Water Bottle is an easy to use water bottle for your pet rabbit. It features a ‘dripless’ Four-stage regulating system to prevent water from being wasted and minimizes possible mess.  This bottle is BPA Free to allow your rabbit to drink freely and safely. 



BPA – Free

The Ball Can Get Stuck

Dripless Water Bottle – Includes a Ball Mechanism

Clips Don’t Hold Firm Sometimes

Easy Attachment


Less Noise Generated


This 32oz water bottle includes a double ball point vacuum valve to extend the durability of the bottle. The Oasis Rabbit Water Bottle showcases an attractive and unique design and comes with a water level monitor that can be checked at a glance. 



Large Capacity

Can Be Noisy

Features the Double Ball Point Vacuum

Sometimes Drips

Has a Water Level Monitor 


Ensure your rabbit has one of the best rabbit water bottles by reading through our recommendations above.  Your rabbit deserves the best quality products; at Small Pets Guru, we aim to give you the peace of mind knowing that your rabbit has the products he needs to live a healthy and fulfilling life. 


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