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Rabbits make amazing companions, my guess is that if you are here reading this post, you have already established that fact. However, for rabbits to remain the bundles of joy that they are, they will need the best care that you can provide for them. This article will help you begin your pet owner journey by listing the things you need to care for your rabbit. 


The first thing to think about is where your rabbit is going to live. Are they going to live outside in a hutch? Are they going to live freely in bunny- proofed rooms around your house? Or are they going to live in an indoor enclosure such as a cage or a pen? Regardless of the location, rabbits need a lot of space. They need room to hop, skip and prance around in order to stay happy. This means you need to invest in a quality, large living area to fulfill your pet’s needs. Everybody needs somewhere to call their own, somewhere where they can snuggle up in the cold and escape from their social activities, sort of like a safe haven. 

When choosing the location of their housing, ensure that they aren’t in an isolated place; they need to have human contact to remain sane – I would suggest a family room if possible, where they will not be alone for excessive periods of time. Your rabbit should still be let out for a few hours a day to take their much-needed exercise break. Also, keep in mind that your rabbit’s home must be well ventilated, sheltered – for protection from extreme weather conditions and secure to stop your rabbit escaping and protect him from other predators. 

Source: Pixabay

Rabbit-proofing your house

Rabbits love to chew. In fact, they will chew anything they can reach: this includes your brand new, super fluffy slippers, your wires, the baseboards, EVERYTHING. So to avoid your rabbit destroying everything you may love and leaving you without the internet, a TV and really cold toes, I really recommend that you ‘rabbit-proof’ your home. How do you do that? You should cover all electrical wiring with plastic sleeves or lift them to an area where your pet cannot reach to keep your bunny safe, remove any potential harmful household plants, cover your baseboards to avoid them getting chewed up, supervise your small pet during playtime around the house and buy backup fluffy slippers, just in case. 

Cleaning your pet’s house

I recommend that you do a weekly clean of your pet’s home with a pet-safe disinfectant; however, you should remove any soiled bedding once a day to try and keep it clean in there. Don’t forget to keep some of the dry used litter in your rabbits home when you clean to keep some of the familiar scents; this prevents them from feeling uncomfortable and feeling like they are in a completely different place. 


Be prepared for your house to be overloaded with hay. Those pesky things manage to get all over your living space, but it’s worth it each time you get to see your little one nibble on a bit of hay and remind you of how adorable they truly are. A good rabbit’s diet will consist of 80% hay, 15% suitable washed leafy vegetables or dried forage plant food and 5% rabbit nuggets. 

Your rabbit must always have access to fresh hay and grass as it aids the process of wearing down your little guy’s teeth and preventing them from looking like they belong back in the Cretaceous period. Alfalfa hay is best for baby rabbits and either timothy hay, oat hay or grass hay for adult rabbits. I recommend using a hay feeder to keep most of your rabbit’s hay fresh. Another tip is to try scattering feed by placing some dried forage around your pet’s home to help promote your rabbit’s hobby – foraging. 

Freshwater is a necessity for all animals, you should check your rabbit’s water level often and change it once or twice a day. I recommend using either a water bottle or a water bowl. During the summer, you must ensure that your rabbit’s water doesn’t become contaminated with algae and during the cold winter, ensure that your rabbit’s water doesn’t freeze up if you choose to keep them outside.

Rabbits only need a small amount of greens a day, when you let them out for exercise or if they live on an outside run, they may be able to munch on some yummy grass. However, you should never allow them to eat grass cuttings. Rabbits should also avoid eating yoghurt drops, avocados, bread, pasta, cookies, cereal, iceberg lettuce and a few other select things. As always, I recommend doing your research before adopting your pet. 

Source: Pixabay


Rabbits, like all of us, need stimulation to keep them from going crazy. You should pick some entertaining toys for your rabbit to play with. Chew toys, like willow balls, can be a fun and useful tool to help wear down their teeth. You may also consider adding accessories like hideouts, tunnels, platforms, boxes and toys to stop your pet from getting bored. Try giving your rabbit a cardboard box to make a castle out of, they can chew their own windows, doors and maybe even a fairy godmother, plus they will get a fun place to hang out when they are done. 

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Rabbits are actually quite clean animals; however, they will need some help to keep clean. You will need to purchase some grooming accessories like a brush. This is useful when your rabbit is going through one of their shedding cycles, which occurs a couple of times a year. I don’t recommend giving your rabbit a bath as that can be quite stressful for them. Your rabbit won’t be able to get her nails done in a shade of bright yellow, so regular nail clipping will have to suffice. You don’t want your bunny’s nails to grow so long that they start to curl into your poor rabbit’s paw or get snagged on things, do you? 


I’m sure you will be thrilled to hear that your Einstein pet rabbit can be litter trained over time. This will make their living area much more hygienic and will make your job of cleaning after them slightly easier. Your rabbit will designate their toilet spot; that is where you should set up a litter tray filled with rabbit-friendly litter (no wood shavings and clay or clumping cat litter) such as hay or paper-based litter. You might notice that your rabbit might like to eat and poop at the same time, you can try putting the litter box next to their hay feeder too, hopefully, it will encourage some good number two habits. 

Source: Pixabay

By this point, you should know about the important things you need to care for your rabbit. Owning a rabbit can be a fantastic experience; at Small Pets Guru, we aim to make the welfare of your small pet our first priority. By sharing our tips and recommendations, we hope that your small pet can live the best, most comfortable life possible.


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